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Ocala and Marion County Weather

Weather in Ocala, Florida

Temperature in Ocala

Ocala, FL and Marion County weather. The weather in Ocala ranges from the coolest month, January with average temperatures of low of 45 and high of 70 to the warmest month July with average daytime temperatures of 92 and average lows around 75. In the winter months the temperatures can be quite cool in the morning and get much warmer when the sun gets high, so most people layer their clothes so that they can easily take off jackets and sweaters as the day gets warmer.

Humidity and the Need to Drink Water

The humidity is quite high during the summer months and along with hight temperatures contributes to dehydration in you and your horse. Accordingly, man and beast should be kept hydrated with free access to water and frequent breaks to replenish.

Rainfall in Ocala

Rainfall is another consideration in Florida since during the summer afternoon thunderstorms are common. Rainfall in Ocala ranges from a low of 2.3 inches in November to 7.3 inches in June. While the many oak trees in the Ocala area provide welcome shade in the summer, trees should be avoided during thunderstorms as they might attract lightening strikes. Florida has more lightening strikes than anywhere in the United States so common sense precautions such as seeking shelter in a building should be taken. The same would apply to horses, although it depends on how your horse reacts to thunder and lightening whether the barn is a good idea.

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